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WELCOME! Let's kick this off by getting it out on the table — we believe in a source of guidance capable of leading us to realize more 'good' in our lives. We believe that everything in existence is made of energy — and that specific metaphysic principles exist that enable us to 'shape' energy in a way that alters reality. And we believe that we're all connected — and possess the ability to help each other stay true to that guidance and those principles. We also recognize that there are people who are NOT aligned with these beliefs. They do NOT believe in a 'higher' state of being. They leverage 'fear' to motivate themselves (and those around them). And they embrace a survival of the fittest mentality — that for some to win others must lose. Creating two very different perspectives in the world. Our goal is to engage you in ours.

Millions of people strive to create meaningful change in their life. CHAKRAnicity exists to help them. 'Players' succeed through targeting a specific desire, visualizing its' fulfillment, accepting its' fulfillment, and engaging the G.A.M.E Format (which culminates in them taking an inspired step each week). They document this process through their journal, with the goal of securing the support of others. Each session every player commits to:

   ► Engaging this cycle for seven weeks.
   ► Posting a supportive comment for each of the other players on their day.
   ► Attracting additional supporters into the mix.

SUPPORTERS recognize that every person on the planet is 'connected'. And that each of us has a choice when it comes to leveraging that connection. Do we build each other up? Or do we cut each other down? Critics say our culture is fixated on the latter. That given the choice we tend to criticize and judge each other (which alters the energy we all have to work with). Idealists, on the other hand, believe that if we're given the chance we will choose to accept and celebrate each other (which also alters the energy we all have to work with). This feeds the ultimate vision of CHAKRAnicity. That complete strangers will opt-in to support each other. And that offering that support will come back to to enrich their lives in a measurable way.

  1. Passion - targeting a desire. What really matters to you? What do you want to create? CHAKRAnicity begins when a player commits to a specific goal (making 'it' their focus throughout the session). They go onto profile that goal with as much detail as possible. What changes when their desire manifests? What emotions do they 'experience'? What people are attracted into the mix? What materialistically shifts (describing the new 'things' that come into play). Our team takes this detail — in all it's intensity — and creates a web-based vision board that delivers that player (and all supporters) a consistent point of focus throughout the session.
    Note - registered players gain access to resources that will assist you in profiling your desire.
    Suggestion - let your heart guide you (it's amazing how easy things become).
    Suggestion - if you're challenged to follow your heart, let curiosity guide you.
  2. Clarity - what is it you believe? CHAKRAnicity challenges what we've been taught. Yet the principles leveraged date back thousands of years, are supported by science, and are proven. This illustrates a gap between what we've been directed to think is possible — and what actually is possible. To fill this gap we've created a weekly discussion series (hosted by Dr. Dean Portinga), designed to enhance your understanding of the principles, demonstrate examples, and supply both players & supporters with a forum to explore, refine, and confirm their own personal perspective (located under the Spiritual Insights tab). If you truly believe in yourself and your ability to create (i.e. this process), success is inevitable. Spiritual Insights helps you lock down that belief.
  3. Confidence - is your success inevitable? Every new day is an opportunity. Conversely — wherever you are — that is where you are. Sounds cryptic, yet we wake each morning faced with accepting — and being at peace with — where we are. Technically, this is what is called being in a balanced state. Yet, if we wake to find ourselves not aligned/balanced with our goal, then we are faced with seeing past any/all of the negativity that comes along with that. Each day, every player and supporter has the opportunity to AFFIRM their faith, their strength, and CONFIRM that their beliefs are aligned with their success. This is a creative element — an affirmation that is posted within the Spiritual Insights Forum. Which enables the community to collectively support and intensify those beliefs.
  4. Commitment - what are you prepared to do? Each week every player has one day where the focus shifts to them. On that day they engage a process, which culminates in them taking an inspired 'step' (moving them forward). The process of determining what step to take breaks down to:
      ► Asking for, and receiving, GUIDANCE.
      ► ALIGNING beliefs, thoughts, feelings and actions with that guidance.
      ► MAINTAINING that alignment.
      ► ENERGIZING the process (see #5 below).
    Players fully document this process through their journal entry (providing supporters a focal point to engage). Note - each of these elements is explained thoroughly via the Spiritual Insights Broadcasts.
    Suggestion - authenticity draws people in.
  5. Love - intensifies the energy. Together we can do more. Sociologist Paul H. Ray and psychologist Sherry Ruth Anderson, profiled a new demographic in their book ‘The Cultural Creative's: How 50 Million People Are Changing the World’. These people care deeply about relationships, spirituality, and self-actualization (reaching ones’ potential). They are both inner-directed and socially concerned, which we interpret to mean that they are more likely to act based on what they feel, and they're agents of change. This group represents our support base. Millions of people are hungry for — and willing to support — positive change in the world. CHAKRAnicity offers them that opportunity. We are exploring three methods of support:
      ► Metaphysic - seeing the beliefs, affirmations and action(s) as fulfilled through the 'minds-eye'.
      ► Posted Comments - our thoughts of acceptance and celebration (both within journals and the forum).
      ► Viral - sharing those comments (along with links) through social media.
    Bottom line - It's all GOOD!